Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Job Satisfaction

What are u looking for in a job? Ask yourself.

Eversince I worked for this company, I have been transferred to two different departments. Yes, I admit that I tend to compare my previous department & the new department but we are human, that's what we do! Hello!! Boyfriend baru dan boyfriend lama pon kita compare walaupon dah cuba sedaya upaya tak nak compare kan?? Keta baru vs keta lama, mak sendiri vs mak tiri, rumah baru vs rumah lama and the list goes on. 

I did try my best not to compare, and from that I learned to love what I do & started to like my new department but my previous team mates yang susah senang bersama for yearsss always be my favourite colleagues of all.

When I have been given a "chance" to transfer to a new department just recently... I straight away list down what are the priorities in life that I want. (at least for now)

1. Working Hours

Working in an international company that operates 24 hours, it is a bit challenging for me to choose which department should I go.

I don't want to work in UK shift where the work starts at 4pm to 1am everyday, Monday to Friday. Yes u can have your own sweet time at home waking up late every morning (or afternoon), no traffic jammed but trust me u will miss many things. No outing at night, no movies at night (if u are a movie lover like me hehe), or if u are a mother or a wife you will definitely have less time to spend with your spouse or kids. (Unless your spouse working the same shift as u are)

And I definitely don't want to work US shift, totally ODD hours (9pm to 6am) I might become a monster in just one month time, I am very sure of that.

We have Hong Kong hours here, but no available vacancy at the moment. Perhaps I should wait until bonus time this March? Panas hatiiii boss tengok I jalan2 bersuka ria hari-hari datang kerja tak buat apa! I have to move at least by the end of the month! :(

So...............my big boss offered me to work with Middle East team. 9am to 6pm shifht, High banding department, butttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt (there's a long but here)

I have to work on Sunday.

I was like.... whatttttt?! Sunday?!!
I got life OK!

And then he persuades me telling that there is Sunday Allowance, yes good money, but how long I will last? I don't think I can. So I gave him a big NO.

2 . Location

I used to traveled to KL (my office located at KL Golden Triangle) for work everyday for one year, and I traveled via LRT to work most of the days. It was fun but tiring. As I am living only 15 minutes away (by car) from the Cyberjaya office, I prefer to work in Cyberjaya office rather than KL office since I have been given options kannn, so why don't I be a litle bit choosy? Hehe.

I like KL office more, I just hate to wake up early in the morning, just to beat the traffic & to rush into the train, but no worries, train are quite frequent & on time during peak hours. And I still managed to reach home by 7 pm everyday (kecuali hujan yang akan mengakibatkan jem).. and most importantly I still manage to watch slot AKASIA at tv3! muahahahaah (pentingggggggg sgt la kan?!!)

3. People

Boss? I don't really mind. I believe that when I do good to people, people will do good to me. As simple as that.

Colleagues? I am very friendly and I make friends everywhere. But kalau orang tak suka I, senang je.. tak yah kawan dgn dia he he he. After all, it comes back to u , how u bring yourself... anywhere everywhere u go.. tak kiralah in a new department within your company or a new company.

So... Where should I go now?

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