Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The End of 2013...

Assalamualaikum and Good day to all of u! 

Hi bloggers! Hi readers!! eh ada lagi ke? :)) 

Finally 2013 has come to its end. This is my first entry for 2013 and it might be the last one for 2013 hehe! Blogging used to be a part of my life, but due to lack of time and after my lappy went kaput, I seldomly blog but I am still around (trust me!). 

I still bloghopping everyday without failed, I read and surf a lot, especially on travel blogs, either local or international. I enjoy reading travel blog a lot nowadays since my current interest is travelling and always dreaming that I can resign my job straight away and start to Round The World (RTW) like most of the mat sallehs did! 

I wonder how they get the courage to do that and most importantly how did they plan their savings to realize their dreams. I read a lot on the saving tips for travelling tapi nak buat tu... haram! What I can do is only Dreams. And Dreams. Again and again. I am a real dreamer! Bukan kena bayar pun kan? 

“Its important to have specific dreams. Dream Big. Dream without fear.” 
Quoted by Randy Pausch 

My life update? Nothing much I would say. It's just pretty the same as previous years. 
Work? I will be transferred to a new department soon in February 2014. 

Yes, I am sad, happy and scared at the same time. I am sad because I am so gonna miss my current colleagues, the fun environment at the workplace I had for the past few years. I feel happy because finally I can move on to another department, I believe there are so much exciting things to learn. I wanna grow! 

I am scared because I don't know what the new department has to offer. Is the boss ok? What about the new colleagues? What if they hate me? Aku dah la pemalas! hahaahah But life goes on. I pray that the grass is always greener on the other side. 

InsyaAllah. Till then. 

Lotsa loves, 

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