Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hujung minggu di bulan April

Apa??April sudah? Huuu cptnya masa berlalu!

I'm watching henry golding on tv and gosh he is damn gorgeous.

Nothing much on this weekend. Done some hijab shopping yesterday with my bestie,just to add up my hijab collections. Bagi semangat sket nak pakai tudung kaedahnya ;-) or is it another reason for me to shop? Alasan! Hehe.

And we went to Bagan Lalang for seafood dinner. The food was awesome,me likey! Yesterday was my 2nd trip in 2 weeks time. Huuuuu

What about today? I'm going for groceries shopping later,wah I'm so excited esp after almost 3months without groceries shopping.I can't wait to do it again..and I'm currently doing a shopping list while watching Wipe Out on tv. Nice.

Hope u guys had a great weekend too!

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