Sunday, February 20, 2011

Color contact lenses

I started wearing spectacles when I was 10 and that was on 1994. I notis I rabun bila I tak nampak tulisan kat kalendar sekolah. My first spectacle was damn big weih! I guess semua orang yang start pakai spec zaman early 90s akan ada experience pakai bingkai spec besar tuh, because last time mana ada spec yang stylo macam sekarang. I mean seriously, I've known few friends who used to wear the same big specs like me. That was funny :p but yeah... I didn't feel anything wrong at that time.. too bad I couldn't find the photos of that specs on the internet.. but I guess u guys can imagine it..

And yeah.. I continue wearing specs until I finish my secondary school, in SGGS and then Tipenang.. So I was well known as the specky girl back then in the high school.. I kinda like it that time I love specs and I changed specs once a year.. frame or frameless u name it.It was like a trend back then..

I then went to MMU Melaka for one year foundation in management before I proceed with BBA in MMU Cyberjaya..At that time I was introduced by my sister to contact lenses,that was on 2002.My elder brother, sisters and cousins are the ones who encourage me to buy the contact lenses, so I bought my very first contact lenses and it was brown in color.Yes, my first contact lenses is color lenses! Taknak kalah kaedahnya.. 

I still remember that I cried when I first time put the contact lenses in. I had a stressful moment when I need to wake up really early in the morning just to put the contact lenses in before I go to my 8am class. I took almost 2 hours to do it, and sometimes I failed to put the lenses in so I ended up not going to class and tido kat rumah sebab bengang dengan diri sendiri! But yeah, if there's a will, there's a takes all of us time to get good at it. So I keep on practicing and few days later (or few weeks?) I became more comfortable with the lenses...

At that time the color lenses was so expensive, it was like RM180 per pair but it last for one year.. Ok la... I started to wear the normal (colorless) contact lenses only when I started working.. So I can tell here that throughout my university years I was well known as the girl with the brown eyes.Mata celup pon jadi lah kan?
 Myself with brown color lenses with my friend Abby..Zaman MMU.

I guess most of the girls out there are wearing color lenses even they didn't have any vision problem. For them color contact lenses are just like fashion accessories. But definitely not for me! I rabun weiiii so memang pakai lense sebab rabun dan semua contact lenses I color2! I loike. 

my new color lenses. 
I purchased these from the internet.
Dolly Eye-Grey. Pegi beli cepat kalau berminat :p
Saja I beliakkan mata nak bagi clear. Ahaks.

Contact lenses work better than any eye make up, it makes the eyes truly stunning. So if u haven't try I strongly recommend it! Plus banyak sangat orang jual, murah plak tu..

I really love contact lenses especially the color ones but if I got the money chance to do LASIK eye laser treatment I will definitely go for it.. 

Rara says : Read more about contact lenses tips here! :)


aby :) said...

oh i tot i tgh baca blog megan fox, rupanya rara.. :)

aZr|n said...

hahahah. bongoks. adorable dolly weh.