Thursday, February 3, 2011

CNY sales

It's a public holiday here in Brunei so we decided to go out for shopping...
I bought some fridge magnets for family and friends.. Nanti nak kena beli t-shirt Brunei plak kat nieces and nephews since they have been asking for that...
I bought shoes from U.R.S at Times Square and Charles and Keith at The Mall, Gadong. They are having 20% discount until Feb 6th.. Price quite ok, even if I convert BND to MYR the price will be quite similar..
and I bought one perfume for him (Azroy nak yang tu so I beli je la) and Heiress by Paris Hilton. Tiba-tiba Paris Hilton? I pun tak tau, ahaks. I'm not really into perfume actually, I am more to body splash like Victoria Secret (I love Romantic Wish the most!) and just recently before I fly I bought one body spray from BLOOP. To make it worst, I don't even know how much is the retail price for fragrances in Malaysia...But I did some research via the internet before I purchase these items..It cost me BND87.80 for the Hugo Energise and BND58.50 for Heiress, both are big bottles. Ok la kot no? Belasah pi la.. Orang beli I pon nak beli jugak..  Luke bought 3 bottles for himself...Lawrence bought one for his gf.. takkan I nak tengok saja..Terketaq kot tengok orang shopping.. 

I am still thinking to get DKNY Delicious Night since they are having promotion for that perfume, 100 ml for BND71.90, that is sooo cheap. Even I don't really like the smell, I still feel like buying it..susah kan jadi perempuan, tak berapa suka pon nak beli sebab harga murah. huhu..
What do you think about this perfume?

I actually wanted to get Ralph Lauren Blue or Ralph Lauren Romance or DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom or Anna Sui Forbidden Affair (aik mcm byk ja) but the price sama macam Malaysia.Around BND120, if u convert to MYR it will be around RM280+.. baik beli kat Malaysia kan.. kalau beli kat sini nak kena fikir camna nak bawak balik lagi..takot extra luggage jenuh nak membayar nanti..

Lawrence lagi hebat kena fikir camna nak bawak balik printer haha! He got this printer as a free gift sebab dia baru beli digicam Canon. Alhamdulillah, I berjaya untuk tidak beli digicam, lepas Lawrence bayar jer I ajak diorang semua balik. Bukan boleh duduk lama-lama kat kedai tu..Tempting! Satgi ada yang terbeli plak, haish!

Rara says : Again,it's not easy to be a woman. Nafsu ada 9, nafsu shopping ja 8!


Ginger said...

CNY shopping! i like it!...

Salam kenal!

RARA said...

Ginger : Hi, thanks for the visit.