Tuesday, January 18, 2011

water taxi experience

Teksiiiiiiii! Hehe tapi kali ni bukan teksi atas jalan raya ye ,ini air punya teksi!
teksiiiiiiii! sini mari! 
Water Taxi Stop - Station Kiulap! :p
First thing first, ambik gamba! I suruh abang driver boat amik gamba.
pastu I ambil gambar abang driver boat plak :p he was a nice person!
feeling-feeling marilyn monroe naik boat! hahaha kau ado?
 Japgi lalu bawah jambatan plak. Can u see the clouds? it's been raining like everyday here in Brunei. Huu.
 This is Balai Bomba Air! Cool huh?
Sudah boleh nampak itu Masjid Omar Ali Saifuddien from the boat on our way to Bandar Station!

So because of the kindness of the boat driver, he offered to bring us around to visit Water Village on the next day which was last Sunday. So yeah, why not? It was only BND5 per head and it took us around 1 hour 20 minutes to visit the whole Water Village areas! It's really worth it or can I say cheap? We had a very great experience! Boat driver brought us to see his relative houses and he showed us his house as well. 

Don't be surprise because there are few nice houses at the Water Village are fully air conditioned, just like this!

and I can say most of their houses are fully air conditioned, walaupon rumah buruk aircond tetap ade ok! and one more thing I noticed, most of the houses in Water Village subscribe to Astro, I can see the Astro satellites are everywhere!

the Primary school in Water Viilage or Kampong Ayer. They have like 5 or 6 schools I'm not very sure the exact figure but one thing for sure, they have their own Primary and Secondary schools.
Ini masjid bahhh. :)
police station
and last but not least, the SHELL petrol station. Cool aite?!

It seems like water taxi is going to be our official public transport in Brunei. The cab here is damn expensive, because most of the Bruneians have their own transport and the demand of public cab is very low and that makes the price go high. Like Siti Nora(my Bruneian colleague) said, If you walk that means you are a foreigner. :)) 

The thing is, we actually walked from Gadong to Kiulap last Sunday. It took us approximately 15minutes and it was raining all the wayyyyyy, and everyone was looking at us, especially myself la because at that time I was walking with 4 Indian guys. Pelik ke? Indian population here is very less, and most of the Indians here are Indian nationality so akuuuuu? I am Satu Malaysia laaaaa :)

So they know already la that I'm actually a foreigner? darnnnn :p By the way, tadi nak renew professional visa pass kan the immigration people tulis nama I as Dayang Shakirah Bte Illias. I feel like Bruneian already!

Rara says : Gatai! :P


aZr|n said...

hai dayang shakirah :p

RARA said...

ya datin seri azrin :)