Sunday, January 23, 2011

the note.

Sebelum I datang ke Brunei, I blog hopping few bloggers from Brunei, mana lah tau boleh buat kawan kan.. So I jumpa sorang namanya Airil. Kitorang ada chat kat FB dan dia ada bagi his phone number tapi I memang terlupa nak ambil.

Dia tau I dah ada kat Brunei, tapi dia pun tak ada number I so cane nak contact kan? But he knows that I'm staying in Kiulap Plaza Hotel. Yesterday when I was waiting for Luke and Lawrence at the lobby, one of the front desk officers came to me with one note in his hand.

"Miss Shakirah, you have a note"
"What note?"

He passed to me the note and I then read.I was a bit blur at first, I thought it was my laundry bill or something. But when I see his name then only I realised that's Airil, my Bruneian blogger friend! Oh gosh. Why he did not tell me that he's coming to my place? Or at least he can ask the front desk officer to call my room extension kan?

"When did he pass this note?" I asked the officer.
"It was last night, miss"
"Oh ok thank you."

I feel bad straight away after that. I should give him my number at the first place.
Airil, do contact me via email or fb if you read my entry. I owe u a treat.

Rara says : Tiba-tiba feeling Angelina Jolie dalam cerita The Tourist. Sebab dapat note dari hotel semasa sedang asyik melepak di lobby. Hahahaha kau ado?

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