Saturday, January 22, 2011

Julie's birthday dinner.

So yesterday (Friday 21st) was Julie's birthday. Yang ke berapa I tak tau, I pun baru kenal dia like 2 weeks ago, dan tak berani nak tanya haha! Julie is from HSBC Malaysia, dia pon macam kitorang datang Brunei for two months,but she came one week earlier than us. Kitorang jumpe die kat hotel and we clicked since then.

Since it's Julie's birthday, Siti Nora and her husband, Rhyme brought us to Senja Lounge Grill Room. It's located in Riverview Hotel, and it was like 10 minutes driving from our hotel. This restaurant serves Western cuisine.

 Part of the menu. I ♥ lamb!
This is my gang for the night, without Lawrence the cameraman.
all of us. They are all great friends! :)
This is Siti Nora and Julie, they are my best girlfriends in Brunei! Siapa lagi kann? :p
I ordered Grill Prime Rack of Lamb, with side order chips and salad. It's been quite a long time since I last eat lamb because of my health condition was not very good for the past two months. Lamb kan panas, so I tak makan because I struggled with sore throat, cough and fever at the same time. Since I feel better already (Alhamdulillah) , I then opted for lamb and it was awesome! I just love lamb, sedappp :)
Rhyme and his wife. They are really nice. I mean really. They always bring us jalan-jalan and makan-makan. Last Thurday Siti Nora brought us to Serusop to shop for kain, and I bought some kains but still thinking to go there again. Serusop is like Jalan TAR la kalau kat Malaysia. There are like 5,6 or maybe more textile shops over there. 
Julie and her birthday cake. Make a wish before u blow the candles...
the 3 ladies!
My hang out buddies in Brunei ♥

Rara says : and thanks Julie for the treat!

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