Monday, January 10, 2011

First day

So tadi pagi van hotel bawak Lawrence, Luke and myself to HSBC Training Ctr in Jerudong. It was like 15 minutes driving. Tiada kesesakan lalu lintas. Their working hours start at 8.30am to 5.30pm, lunch at 12pm until 1pm. So today,we were introduced to the Hire Purchase team in Brunei and in the evening Rhyme brought us to HSBC Finance in Beribi. They actually have two HSBC Finance in Brunei, another one in Kuala Belait.

Basically I'm here to learn about the Hire Purchase loan, I need to master all the procedures, rules and everything before we bring back the process to Malaysia.
So, let's pray this new migration process is a successful one!

We met our colleagues from HSBC Hyderabad and HSBC Malaysia as well. They are also here for 2 months training and the best thing is we are staying at the same hotel, same floor.

Rara says : Brunei is a really peaceful country. Even orang berniaga pasar malam pon senyap-senyap.


mRs aGed said...

kirah hg look gorjes ok!!niway gud luck..siannya x dpt nak pakai bj kurung kesayangan..nak aku post kah??sorry morry la sayang

RARA said...

uder : tak pa... nnt aku balik brunei aku amik k. btw thanks for the compliment! byk cabaran aku pakai tudung ni..

mRs aGed said...

heheheh...cayok2!!!jgn putus asa :)