Friday, May 7, 2010


I am tired.
I think they (the business partner) want us to die.

Tapi ingat ye team mates, together we win!
I am trying my level best to hold, and stay. And push and kill!(bukan bunuh orang, I mean kill the bad locks)
I still need a break. (pleaaseeeee!)
I am a human, not an alien.
I want work-life balance.

and I want Azroy jugak. (always!)

and I got a shocked in my life when Ratha said that she wanted to commit suicide. Hahaha. It was funny! She really made my day. Ratha was so stressful, and I think that was funny, so I laughed. :) 

Nasib baik dia tak tikam I ahaks. Orang tengah membara pi gelak plak. That's me. and that's what Azroy likes about me hee

The current situation at my workplace is the worst I ever had. Kami semua sangat-sangat stress but still supporting each other. I can see the teamwork, good job mates!

Rara says : Kalau hari-hari kerja 12 hours macamana kalau dah kawen nanti kan? Hurm boleh jadi alasan utk kawen lambat! :)


ezza said...

wah..tabik dkt team PLOC

RARA said...

thank you.

tp aku dah nak mati ni