Sunday, May 30, 2010

great weekend

What a great weekend I had.

First, sebab ianya adalah 3 hari. Heaven!
Second, I spent my weekend with my love ones; Azroy and also the girls.
Third, I went to Ikea after a longgg time.
Fourth, I just got my salary last Tuesday. Alhamdulillah berbaloi kerja 12 hours setiap hari. :)
Fifth, makan ikan bakar with Azroy and Didie and Ienn. Dan plan untuk pergi lagi nanti InsyaAllah.
Sixth, I watched Prince of Persia with Azroy, sangat best!! I lovvvee it! 4.5 stars!
Seventh, I bought a new handbag yeayyyyyyyy!

But I had one bad news. My friend Maisarah has been warded due to dengue. Please pray for her recovery. 
To Mai, I hope you will get well soon, at least before this 5th June. Ameen.

Rara says : Happy working tomorrow!

1 comment:

aZr|n said...

same here. weekend yang menggemukkan i wd say. hahaha.

mai, get well soon!