Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I am sick

I have raging fever for the past two days, throbbing head and bad tonsils. I got my first mc for the year 2010 yesterday from the clinic in my office, but it was only a half day mc.

I then went back home and take all the medicines constantly every 4 hours and I pray that I'll be better the next day. But last night was a night mare to me. I feel like admitting my self to the hospital, so that I don't need to take care of myself anymore. I am tired of feeling shaky and weak, nauseated and crampy. I can't really think. I called Azrul and cried to him like a baby. But I can't talk much since I'm having a very bad tonsils way in the back of my throat. Sakit sangat.

When I wake up this morning I feel a little bit better than last night, but the tonsils are still there and I got a very bad headache so I decided to see another doctor, for another MC. 

I am now at home, resting. I set myself up in my bed this morning with fluffy comforter and piles of pillows forming a nest.

Tomorrow has to be better, I keep telling everyone. InsyaAllah.

Rara says:  please pray for Aliya, she's having a minor operation today. 


Naz said...

get well soon!!!

azrin said...

jgn lupa makan ubat. minum ayaq byk2.

abby really impress. said...

semoga u n aliya cepat sembuh.
p/s : ur english sgt superb. getting superb day by day. kewl!

RARA said...

naz : thanks!

azrin : nak minum ayaq tapi sakit tekak :(

abby : terima kasih abby.

p/s : pala otak ang superb! broken english kot and grammar tunggang terbalik tapi aku tulis jugak biaq! haha

wawan said...

hg takecare!
susah² sgt nanti import najie mai jaga hg..

RARA said...

wawan : thank u! huhu macam la si dr najie tu ada masa nak jaga aku kan!!