Saturday, December 19, 2009

my shopping wish list for 2010

When I do blog hopping, I realized that most of the blogs (especially woman, and even man!) have their very own label; shopping. It makes me worry because I don't have one. Adakah I tidak normal? Please No. I love shopping, but I just don't feel like writing anything about shopping in my blog. Why? I personally feel like writing about things u buy is some kind of showing off, but hey, it's your blog, so u write what u like. Think positive Rara! :)

Anyway, to be a normal woman just like others (who have their very own shopping label in their blog :P), I decided to have one on my own. Haha. Fani sangat kan?! 

I just want to share with you guys about my shopping habit. It was bad. Note the past tense! Yeah, I was a bad shopper last time especially during my study time and my first one year working (I got credit cards!). Nice kan? At that time,I shop like a mad woman. I tell you what, I didn't see the price tags! (but definitely the price range is affordable for my level lah kan) It's crazeey. Some of you might agree with me that study time is the  heaven time ever, money coming into your pocket very easily. In my case, I got PTPTN, and allowances from my father every month, constantly.(that's excluding allowances for books, travel allowances such bus/flight tickets, and shopping!)

When I enter working life, I have been given a credit card (seriously, I did not applied for it, the company yang bagi! ) Being a growing woman, I shop like nobody business. and now I am struggling to settle all my credit cards debts. Having a credit card is actually good IF you know how to use it wisely. However, past is past, and I take it as a life lesson for me to learn. Just so you know, I never ask a single cent from my parents since the first day I start working, unless, they feel like giving, I'll definitely accept it ahahaha! REZEKI jangan ditolak :)

But still, I  have a list of things to buy for the year 2010 (well some of them I tak sempat beli this year). Tapi ingat Rara, do your budget first before you buy. :)

1. a digicam on my own. I want digicam yang boleh masuk dalam air! just like Donny's one.
2. a new bed frame together with a mattres. I am still thinking whether to buy king or queen size, my current bed is king, I love it but it's quite oversize for my current room, but if I get a new queen size bed, where should I put my two beloved king bedsheets, I am not ready to let it go!
3. a new hp, I want a blackberry, but I don't want to spend more on phone bills,so how now pale cow? it's not on my top list btw.
4. a new bedsheet,I want it in grey, or dark blue!
5. more tops
6. more jeans!
7. more office attires! please!
8. a laptop skin :)
9. more kain for baju kurung! I am getting bored with the current ones :(
10. a fridge
11. a DVD player
12. handbags!
13. watches!
14. Manicure and pedicure every month.
15. hair treatment at the saloon every 6 months :)

and the list goes on! 

Rara says : There you go my first shopping label. ahaks


aby said...

nnt beli laptop skin sama2. ahaks.

RARA said...

boleh sangat abby! aku nampak aritu, two for rm50!

murah and cantikkkkkkkk, macam hang!

abby mahal said...

ayat last tu mmg mcm nak makan kaki dah rasanya ! TAKDAKLA MURAH SGT KANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. hahahahah. haram. hantaran up to rm10k only. x mahai aih! haramjadah.

RARA said...

abby mahal : pembetulan! ahahahah aku tersilap laa, tak berniat nak kata ang murah, aku nak kata ang CANTIK sangat!! ahahahaha

ang kan anak Tan Sri, mestilah mahal!

abby mahal said...


oh,plz dun mention it. apa ada pada gelaran?? ehehehe. x perlu lah~ ;)

muhamadakmalwahab said...


jom gi shopping...
year end sale is the bestttttttttt

Emma said...

ang nak beli semua tuh bole tapi ang kena kluaq dari hsbc! next mth bagi resume kat aku...eheheh

RARA said...

akmal : jum!!!! I can't wait!!

emma : ok!! doakan aku dapat keja lain next year! :)

alya said...

erkkk i like no.15 haha!
n sy mao i~phone!!!! hrmmmm...

luna dear said...

Erm...nk tiru Rara buat shopping list jugak la...

RARA said...

no 15 itu perlu hokayyy! azam tahun baru, tamau rambut comot lagi! :P

luna : silakan, nnt inform rara bila dah siap! :)