Sunday, December 20, 2009

get well soon

My little brother Zaki has been hospitalized due to food poisoning and high fever dan yang paling membimbangkan kami sekeluarga ialah he's in Jogja without us(the family) to take care of him. I always wish you to be safe, please get well soon my baby boy. I hope your friends can take care of you like my friends did when I fall sick.

My brother in red t shirt. 

Rara says : U are always in our thoughts, and we're all hoping that u'll be enjoying better health again soon.


a.z.r.i.n. said...

siannya dia..minta2 cepat baik.

wawan said...

tu la.. semoga cepat sembuh la adek hg tuuuu

Naz said...

i hope ur lil' bro will get well very soon.. insyaAllah..

alya said...

cian aki skt d perantauan..
semoga cpt sembuh! :)

RARA said...

thanks to all for the wishes :)