Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas exchange gifts

Walaupon I cuti hari ni, I tetap tidak melepaskan peluang untuk menghadirkan diri ke majlis makan-makan bersama rakan sekerja. You know why? Because I heard there's gonna be a lot of foods!
Aliya and I were busy planning which one to grab first, each person can take up to 5 pieces! But I end up ambil 8 pieces, tapau! :) Wait, one regular pizza equal to 8 slices! That's mean I got one regular pizza for myself! Balik modal hahaha

I was right because there were lot of foods! We had 10 boxes of Domino's regular pizza,100 pieces of satey kajang, one KFC bucket (which contains 15 pieces of chickens), a cake from Secret Recipe and 2 boxes of ice creams. and there were only 15 of us. So sila imagine banyak mana yang perlu dimakan oleh setiap orang?

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 
What?! 2010 already??!!

spot my gift! yang paling kecil skali in gold wrapping :) 
I bagi earings! and I got a beautiful clock wall from my Assistant Manager, Gopal. Muchos Gracias!

Rara says : Alhamdulillah, kenyang.


abby dominos said...

oi bg kt shah ja noo..pehtu aku kutey sket pizza shah. hahaha.

RARA said...

abby : aku terjumpa dia kat internet kiosk! saja bagi selai kat dia


treasurekeeper said...

salam...dropping by here...u have a really nice blog..tried to leave message kat shoutbox few times tp tak dpt..

anyway..have a good day & year ahead of u :)


RARA said...

treasurekeeper : wsalam. is it? something wrong with the shoutout i guess, i better fix it! hehe

u too have a good day and thanks for the visit :)

alya said...

sy mkn 4 slices pizza, 3cawan eskrem, 5cucuk sate n 1 slice cake d kafe ye..sgt enak d dlm bus dgn perut yg kenyang haha!!
rara menang part tapau hebak ah!