Sunday, November 15, 2009

it's coming back again

It started on last Friday night, I wake up two times in the middle of night, wanted to pee, tapi tak puas. Sampai termimpi-mimpi nak kencing.The next morning I wake up as usual, and peed during my morning shower.

Headed to office.( I worked half day yesterday ) . I kencing 15 minit sekali kat opis.

I then bought yogurts ( three yogurts ok, mind you ), sebab Dr Najie cakap makan yogurt bagus untuk urine. I finish work at 12, I peed again at the office before heading to Midvalley to watch 2012.

Ok wait, we(aliya and I) stopped at Petronas cyberjaya (3 minutes away from the office fyi), and I peed (again!).

The journey to midvalley took about 45mins. I peed again once I reached Midvalley.

Watched 2012, I peed once in the middle of the movie. Ok skit kot, leh tahan sejam. After the movie finish, Aliya and I ran to the toilet and I peed.

Window shopping around Midvalley (SALES everywhere and I jadi sawan sat) and the Gardens after that.

I stopped at one of the toilets in Gardens and I peed, like of course.

I had dinner at Showru with the girls and headed back home. Berlari-lari I turun kereta sebab nak terkencingggggg!!

Sorry la agak disgusting kan cerita kat blog pasal kencing, but this is the problem that I am currently facing, and of course I am worry about it, that's make me wanna share (with you, the readers).

but I am lucky because this time, no blood in my urine.

I know that I need to consult my doctor about this matter before I probe further , but I think I wanted to try susu alpha lipid, or acai berry.

I know very well that both products are good, but still the decision has to be made. I cannot get both, because those products are practically expensive(for me). I need to study first about both products and which one is the best for me, before I make a decision.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to help me with the decision, you are most welcome to drop me a line.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

try elak ais n minum byk air putih..cian hang..moga cpt baek..amen


a.z.r.i.n. said...

tu la. cpt2 ah jumpa doc. najie kata pa?

alya said...

p jumpa doc!

intan Norafzan said...

ya..consult doctor ye babe!

muhamadakmalwahab said...

aku tak bley lupa dr najie dengan selamba bertanya soalan maut kat ko...

RARA said...

to all : dah jumpa doc. alhamdulillah takda apa yg serious

akmal : naji memang siot! bistu perlukah ko igt soalan tu lagi. aku pon dah lupa ok huhuhu