Monday, November 23, 2009

love is so beautiful yet so complicated

Last weekend was quite great. Walaupun I tak expect pon tapi Alhamdulillah, it went well. Cuma, Sabtu lepas I had a litle arguement with Azrul.

I don't know why but I have this weird feeling when it comes to love and relationship.

I had experienced three unsuccessful relationships in the past, and I admit that I kinda phobia to start a new relationship. But I am strongly believe that I will get married one day, so I guess I should have a boyfriend. I don't know, in fact I am not really sure am I doing the right thing now.

In my latest break up with R, I have been cheated by him. R flirt with another girl on the net and I did give him a second chance, but things did not worked out. Break up lah, apa lagi. 

R is getting married end of this year, not with the girl he flirt, but his best friend. I don't mind in fact I don't really care, I'm just happy for him.

What about me? 
I know that I have a boyfriend. Namun, I sudah terlupa bagaimana nak bercinta? I just don't know how. really. 

Generally, I am feeling insecure because I had bad experiences in my previous relationship and I always relate it to my current relationship with Azrul. Kesian kan. It's my bad tapi nak buat cam na.

My sayang Azrul, 
I am sorry. I just need you to understand me and I promise things gonna be all right.

I love you, I really do. 


a.z.r.i.n. said...

yes. jiwangness just revealed.

aby said...

awww..that is so sweet.. kir, byk2 berdoa kt Allah... buat solat istikharah.. insyaAllah, hampa dua akan kahwin..amin..

Ezza said...

my dear,
its a BIG mistake kalau kau suka compare ur bf dgn lelaki2 yg penah kau kenal..(mereka sgt xsuka dan egonya tercabar)..jgn terlalu fikir kelemahan beliau..positifkan ur mindset..terima dia seadanya.

kalau tgh berada situation yg tegang..cuba buat something yg boleh menceriakan blk keadaan..buat surprise kt dia..buat dia kembali tersenyum..ahaks!

RARA said...

azrin : ahaks. lawak. dan malu jugok.

abby : kawin? it's a long way to go. I just hope for the best. Doakan kami!

Ezza : that's why my dear, but I just cant help myself.

Ok aku sedang memikirkan surprise yang bukan saja boleh membuatkan si dia gembira, malah aku pon turut gembira! (win win situation gitu) ahahahaha

muhamadakmalwahab said...

let the wind blows and let the river takes on it's course...then you will be fine...

RARA said...

akmal : tu lah kan. :(

ayunadyera said...

best bace entry ni ;)
orang lelaki memang macam2 ragam! huhuuu. wtv it is, doakan yang terbaik!

hehe. saje mencapub kat blog kak wa sebab nak gtaw ayu dah ade blog baru! :) yang lame dah buang.

RARA said...

ayu : thanks ayu for the visit :)

ok nanti kak wa add k!

ayunadyera said...

okay :)