Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a stressful day at work

I feel like I am in hell.

Lots of works need to be completed. Tons of emails waiting to be replied. Physco colleagues from the other team keep sending me unnecessary stupid emails. My assistant manager screaming the item number out loud make me sick.

Urgent items? MAMPOIH PI KAT HANG.

and the BBB Cassandra at the business partner side sucks big time.
1000 items pending in the queue, can you believe it? A very small country but they loooooove to apply loans.

and yes, I'll be working this Saturday. Nice kan?

Stress mode.

So I read this. Interesting but not really helping.

What did I do to overcome my stress then?

I cook and eat
Cari pasal dengan Azrul
Cari pasal dengan sesiapa saja yang msg aku kat YM or Facebook Chat.
Tengok gambar orang kawen
Buat-buat sawan dalam bilik

End of story.


cik ienn said...

when u stress,think of our mission. ahaks!

RARA said...

cik ienn : fikir mission tu lagi stress!

muhamadakmalwahab said...

semua orang pon stress...
bila aku stress aku
-drive ke mana mana ajer
-blog it out
-gi makan

just some of the few things yang aku buat waktu aku stress

MarlissaMusa said...

nak join club!sila jadi chairman!aku pon stress!

RARA said...

akmal : ok, aku kena mengaji plak lepas ni

marlissa : maka dengan ini saya melantik diri saya sebangai Chairman kelab stress!

alya said...

aku stress gk!
nk p rabat gunung kinabalu rs demmitttt