Sunday, October 25, 2009

sick weekend

I was in bed all weekend.

It started on Friday afternoon at work and continued through the weekend. I have been under the weather with cold symptoms and a crazy headache, a running nose and a little cough. Sound serious isn't it?

However, I still manage to do some shopping (with vouchers!) yesterday. Rasa GREAT sebab shopping tak pakai duit, but still need to add up some cash la, of course.

Work is crazy, it's so boring that it's not even funny. I have ton of works to do but I am still bored. I can't believe how time has just flown by and I just realized it's almost 3 years I've been working with the company. I think I should move to another company, but I better wait for another 4 months, at least.

My love life is great. We're doing good and still studying each other characters. Well, I just let the love grows naturally. and I love the fact he loves to shop! teman I shopping and layan I tawaf satu MPH sebab tak tau nak beli buku apa. So last skali I tanya dia kalau dia nak apa2 buku but he said he's not really into reading but his mom does, so I bought his mom one of the best selling books. Sweet tak? ahaks.


I bought a file because I nak buat filing bil braces I tapi balik rumah je I cari semua bil tu TAKDAK?

Rasa bengang takkkkkk?

I rasa nak pergi bercuti-cuti tenangkan fikiran yang kusut nih. Hmmph. I miss the sound of waves and the great fine dining near the beach.


alya said...

me too!! i need a break n away from office!
work suck! i want beach scene, wave sound, white sand at the beach aaaaa...

RARA said...

white sand? huuuuuuuuuuu .

muhamadakmalwahab said...

i am going to bangkok early november
then going off for the sandy beach in KK in the second week of november...
i do need a break and i make sure that i get one...huahuahau

Anonymous said...

weh jom pi redang?nnti ajak aku skali dlm plan cuti2 hang..


RARA said...

akmal : ok ok ok ok ok ok ok (jeles)

wanny : redang? maybe next trip nak p perhentian kot. okey. aybe next year, skrg pantai timur ombak kuat!