Sunday, August 16, 2009

what a weekend

My weekend started on the friday night itself, Sg Buloh seems to be my favourite area nowadays. *wink*

I woke up early on Saturday morning to send Abby to LCCT, she's leaving to JB for Farah's reception on the bride side.

I then went back home and catch up my beauty sleep before Aki arrived at 9pm later, and Najie texted me that she wanted to come but dont know the road to my place, and she requested me to pick her up somewhere in Putrajaya.

So to the Putrajaya I went and met Najie and her boify, Jameel. Jameel then off to KL, and Najie, Aki and I went for dinner at Darussalam after that.

I suddenly received a phone call from Didie on our way back home, dia pon nak mai tidoq umah! I said OK.

and we had very good moments together. Bergelak ketawa bagai!

Ezza and Abby arrived home later (almost 2 am). Abby bawak balik nasik kenduri, apa lagi melantak la , even at first I dont feel like eating, tapi last-last habis! hahahahahahahaha dasar rasaksa jadian.

Then, we gathered in Abby's room and gelak gelak gelak gelak until 4.

8am Sunday - I sent my lil bro Aki at Putrajaya Sentral. He wanted to go out dating with his gf.

3pm - lunch at Kembangan Paradise with the girls

4.30pm - Didie balik dengan Najib

6pm- Najie balik.

7.30pm later - nak p amik aki kat UPM


penat tak?

and esok kejaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


mRs aGed said...

urmm sayangnya x dpt lepaks ngan ampa time?

rara said...

mRs aGed : tu la uder, takpa. there's always next time. swimming skali jum before posa?

mRs aGed said...


alya said...

giler penuh dgn aktiviti!
xp sok dh start posa xleh berjln2 sgt dh..[ya ke] haha!!