Sunday, August 2, 2009

tagged by puan uder

p/s cik mar, tag anda yang kena snap gambaq alat2 kecantikan tu saya malaih nak buat la. maafinnnnnnnnnnn

Two names you go by?
kirah - rara

Are you in a Relationship?
always single and seeking. prrbbbbbbbbb

Have you ever been given a rose?
pernah, masa convo! aha :p

Have you ever licked a photo?
tak pernah!

Have you ever been in love?
yes ;;)

Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?
Yes I do

What's your current problem?
Saya telah kehilangan laptop, so sapa2 di luar sana yang baik hati nak belanja saya laptop sehelai dua,do PM me!

Have you ever had your heart broken?
pernah. macam !@!$#@R@$TTOPT!!!!!

Do you have a crush?
Now? yes I do.

How many kids do you want to have?
2 or 4

What is/are your favorite color/colors?c
pink purple red black and white

Have you ever found it hard to tell anyone you like them?
very very hard

Imagine you're 40 & your spouse just died would you get re-married?
kalau ada orang mau nak tunggu lagi?

What song do you want played at your wedding?
tah! nak kawen nanti pikiaq lain!

Do you like/love anyone?
mestilah! rahsia tawwwwwww

Do you think the person(s) you like/loves love/likes you back?
sat nak tanya

Have you ever written a love song/poem/letter/note?

Do you want to get married?
yes I do

Are you a shy person?
depends on the situation

Did you have a good day today?
so so

Where did you just get back from?
airport, fetched up my bro who just arrived from Indo

What are you thinking about?

If you could change something about you or anything what would it be?
nak jadi manusia kurus and pandai and kaya and gorgeous and baik and semua orang suka (wei mana ada org perfect)

Would you ever go back to any of your past relationships?
no turning back

Whose the closest person/people near you ?
now? my litle bro, he's watching tv beside me

Whats the thing you love most about the person you love?
sapa ni? banyak org yang I love.

After you have finished answering all the questions, tagged 5 people that you know.
tak yah la. bosan.


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MarlissaMusa said...

huk huk..takpela miss rara..hehe..tak dapat i nak pau ur beauty secret..ececeh..haha