Sunday, August 2, 2009

still here part two


what's up with the status?

MALAS la wey. maaf.
and I am sure ramai yang dok tunggu sambungan entry yang lepas. ahaks.

So why do I love HSBC?

Faizal Tahir (yes, the Malaysia leading artist!)
last Saturday, on the HDPM Sports Carnival, that was the first sport carnival ever and the first outdoor activities for the whole centre.

Faizal Tahir was the guest artiste for the concert that night, not to forget performance from the HDPM Battle of the Band champions, Plug and Play together with Rufus & Co.

I love this more than annual dinner. Lebih mesra alam.

It was filled with activities from paintball, snooker, badminton(ok kali ni tak masuk dah), futsal(aliya masuk ok), suka-suka race, Go-cart, basketball and WATER POLO.

and please don't be surprise,
I masuk water polo kot?WOI water polo kot?

kalah di semi final. Not bad. ahaks

tapi fun wei!

What else do we miss here?

Baby Qush 1st Birthday. It was more like a reunion to us.
Love them all.

not to forget

Happy belated birthday to my darling girlfriends, Nea (10 July) and Abby (29 July), and happy birthday in advance to Ezza (3 August)!

cant wait for tomorrow, the birthday party of course! :)

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abby turns 25 said...

awwwwwwww..thank u sayang. i love u. "i know u want me..u know i want ya.i know u want meeeeee..u know i want ya.. 1 2 3 4 uno dos tres quatro !