Thursday, July 2, 2009

the very first adjustment

I see quite a number of blogs talking about their babies and stuff, so I feel like to blog about my baby too which is my braces on my teeth (since I need to handle it with extra care haha). Hey let's call it Becky. Kau ado buh nama kat braces?

the second ligatures, pink a.k.a pinko. Dr. Roslan said that I clean my teeth well. Good girl! Can you see the pink ligs? NO?

Clearer view, don't you think that pink is sweet and it makes me look younger. (perasan mode) I can't wait for the gap to close! and new eyebrows shaped by my all time favorite beauty saloon, KANDA! (I don't do threading because SAKIT) and pls pls pls ignore my pimples. bila nak dpt muka licin macam kulit teloq niiiiiii.

p/s : Happy fourth anniversary to Rafiecca and husband. Love you both!


cik ienn said...


eiz said...

nk tgk pic braces tergantung..ahhaha

rara said...

cik ienn : it is! hahahaha

eiz : tak sempat amik gambaq!! hahaahha