Sunday, July 5, 2009

Transformers : Revenge of the fallen

I only got the chance to watch this hottest movie in town last night after almost 2 weeks waiting to get the best seat and of course the best cinema hall!(do i sound like too picky? whatever) and please ignore the fact that I missed the free tickets from Nea last Sunday(still tak puaih hati sampai sekarang)

We finally decided to watch it at the new GSC Tropicana City Mall even last night was our first time there, but we'd love to give it a try as we always get excited when the hall is big no matter what movies we watched. Haha crazeey. and of course the superb sound systems by dolby digital, I like.

2 weeks waiting plus 2 more hours waiting. The movie started at 12.20 am so we headed to Starbucks to have my all time favourite hot Caramel Machiato. Supaya I tak kroihh kroihh masa movie nanti!

partner in crime,PIC.

Seems everyone knows the movie is good and there are already thousands of reviews u can found on the net, so I will only write about some of the highlights of the movie, from my personal point of view :)

Firstly, Megan Fox, she's hot.

Second, the U.S. military. I guess it was practically a commercial. The scenes with the planes, and the foot soldiers who never retreat, and then the hovercraft tank carriers, made you want to join.

Third, the Chevrolet. It straight up WAS a commercial. (I will cry if bumble bee die)

and last but not least,

The enormous destroyer Decepticon transformer. It had a giant pair of wrecking balls!haha (sorry no photo)

Still, I have to admit, I like it. It's worth seeing. If you are a normal human being who knows how to appreciate the massive sound and music, with several SHCs, and tremendous special effects, it may be worth seeing twice , perhaps more.



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