Saturday, May 30, 2009

so what do you think?

Well, it's kinda tiring day yesterday. Demam at workplace is crazeyyy. I dah start counting hours since pukul 10pagi lagi. Alhamdullilah berjaya tahan sampai kul 7pm, thanks to panadol actifast. Keadaan jadi lebih teruk bile I dah mula vomit and cirit birit. I feel like going back home dengan kadar segera tapi bila fikirkan kerja yang banyak, I stay.

Ienn came to my place last night and we then went for dinner. I was extremely hungry but I dont really feel like eating sangat but still have to eat since I need to take some pills after that. Hot tea really makes me feel betteer and I love it. So I ordered two cups of hot tea.

Being me, I dont like to stay at home on friday night,so dengan keadaan demam I push myself to drive eventhough I dont know where to go. Simply.

Ienn asked me to stop at one of the banks nearby South City Plaza and I already started to feel that I was actually not feeling well to continue the night out. So we then headed back home after that.

I am now still on the bed,still malas nak mandi, eventhough I know mandi can make me feel better. I sooo wanna go to the nearest salon to get my hair done but soooooo lazy to get up from the bed.

Somebody pls kick me off the bed pls? thank you.

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alya said...

well at lest u manage to kick urself out of the bed to go to d saloon aite?? :)
nice hairdooo hehe