Thursday, May 14, 2009

the new me

I just got my braces on.

I cannot say I am thrilled, since this was exactly the treatment I was seeking to avoid. Hehe. I always wish I could wear the braces at night only, but my friends said "Pain is Beauty" so I take the challenge(hihi) and hoping this time things will come out as planned. InsyaAllah.

When I was researching about braces, I noticed there weren't many websites out there made up of personal experiences, which is what I really wanted to see. So I guess I need to write about this orthodontics experience of myself for anyone who is waiting to have their braces on or is considering it. I hope it will help.

I got my braces at Klinik Pergigian An-Nur located in Bandar Baru Bangi (email me for contact details). My orthodontist, Dr. Roslan is really a great guy, he spent all the time I needed with me, answered all my questions and listened to what I had to say about my situation.

I also made some research before by browsing thru the net and asking few friends regarding the price and I found that the prices are not much different; between RM4,000 to RM6,000 depending on your teeth condition. For my case, my braces cost roughly around RM4,000 and I need to pay RM1,500 for the braces installation, and the balance can be paid on the next visit (installment) which the gap between the appointment is normally 4 to 6 weeks after the adjustment (tighten the set of braces).

The best part of wearing braces is I could choose the ligatures color. I chose lavender ligs for this time. The ortho opened the drawer and let me see what they have. I like! I think braces is cool and I could wear it in style.

What do I feel now?
I feel a litle bit numb . But still OKAY, remember PAIN IS BEAUTY?


The photos of new me will be uploaded real soon, since the wires are still going in zig-zags, so I guess maybe later or sooner. My teeth with braces are not looking very cute at the moment. Thank you.


visit this and this for more info about braces!


MarlissaMusa said...

wa..pasni mesti lagi lawa..yeay~!

mRs aGed said...

get well soon babe!bleh p jln2 cari mkn!!huk huk huk!

rara said...

MarlissaMuda : Tocey tocey =)

mRs aGed : yeahhh. aku tgh dok train braces aku ni supaya menerima makanan pepejal! :P

eiz pun pakai braces said...

welcome to the club Rara!
lps ni asyik tgk cermin dan sengih ja la..aahah

wawan said...

waaa..welcome to the club..hehe!aku dah ada gap balik tp xtau bL nak repair =P

cik ienn said...

takdak muka lain ka slain kambing putih tu?

boh la gambaq hg. tak sabar nak tgk nih. *over

rara said...

eiz pun pakai braces : yeahhhhhh

wawan : tak yah nak repair,dah cun dah! aha

cik ienn : nnt laaa. tungggggggu!

wawan said...

haha!madOnna to be la kOt? =P

alya said...

ermm train braces tu cpt2 sket
blh p jln2 cr mknan pepejal lg haha

rara said...

wawan : madonna rilexxxx je :P

alya : dah train skit2 dah ni!!!

Anonymous said...

kamu pakai braces jenis apa? yang getah atau damon system?