Monday, May 18, 2009

my first day at work with braces

I was a little bit nervous this morning before entering the floor since everybody in my department already know that I'm coming to work with braces.

I act like nothing happened, and as what I have expected, everyone was looking at me, they were calling my names and greeting me good morning and of course waiting for me to smile. Hehe.

I smile to them, but I covered my mouth with my one hand, while the other hand I use to hold some papers and a calculator.

They keep calling my name request me to smile, and I was like "haish hingaq aih!" , until I hear Aliya's voice,

" Jangan la dok kemam senyum tu "

Maka tersenyumlak aku bak kerang busuk. OK puas hati? haha.

and I then started to answer basically all the FAQs about wearing braces and also some stupid questions such

"cane nak gosok gigi,so you tak gosok gigi la? and boleh pakai buang ke tak braces tu? eh kenape gigi u tak rapat terus?(nak suruh aku mati 2 hari pakai terus rapat) ".

Anyhow, the experience was fun, I am lucky because my colleagues are all very supportive and I love them all.

...and I have received another Best GSE award for the month of March on the R&R last friday. GRACIAS!

p/s : Ienn,tadi aku masak bubur nasik macam semalam,sedapnyeeeeee :)


cik ienn said...

terliuq teringat bubuq nasik semalam...

eiz said...

wah best GSE lagi dan lagi..tahniah!..berkat pakai braces no..hihi

rara said...

cik ienn : weekend ni buat lagi jum?!

eiz : aaa mungkin!

ALYA said...

jgn kemam senyum!! :)

ALYA said...

jgn kemam senyum!! :)