Sunday, May 10, 2009

High school girlfriends reunion

My girlfriend Uder invited me and the others to spend the weekend at her place since her husband is away for kursus. Pucuk dicita ulam mendatang, we all gathered at her place on the friday night for DVDs and laughter and homecook (of course).

We chatted for hours and basically we ate WAY TOO MUCH! But it was great fun and we all really enjoyed the female bonding. We sleep together in the same room and massage each other before sleep. It was real fun and simply enchanted.

Let's schedule more after this.

My girls have gotten me through so much in my life. Every one of my ‘real’ girlfriends has shared something with me that no one can ever take away from us. The beauty of the girls I love is that I can go three days, three months, or three years and still laugh and cry about our history together. Even now is already 11 years of our friendship, but the memories during high school are still fresh till now.

The true girls remain always, whether in the physical realm or in the spirit of our memories.

and we got this from Uder. Thanks a lot.

Thought that counts.
Models yang seronok pelik.

We woke up very late the next day and only arrived Ikea at 8pm and then went to Ikano before we grabbed some cute earings(and cheap also, 6 for RM10) at Flea Market between Cineleisure and The Curve. My wish granted when the girls agreed with my idea, nasik lemak Kg Baru for dinner. SYORGA.

We then tried so hard to find a space for parking around Jalan Doraisamy since Uder and Ienn were craving for the soup that has been aired on Jalan-jalan cari makan. BOLE? Too bad, soup dah habis and we then straight away went back to Putrajaya and had our late supper at Ienn's beloved mamak stall. Milo ais tabur kat Darul Salam adalah terbaik!

We worked on this in the evening, with Cik Ienn as the miss supervisor yang garang!!

So cane Uder? Your hubby suke ke tak dengan kejutan Casa Impian kita? Hehe

Winks & Smiles,

p/s : Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies!


wawan said...

jeles! =(

mRs aGed said...

yea!agil loike it so much..kat 2 mins he stay there..huhuhu...terharu!!xoxoxo..LOL

alya said...

owh sbb tu peg ikea ek rtu..
so cute..kreatif lh korg hehe :)

rara said...

wawan : mai la kl!

mRs aGed : yeyyy! usaha kita berjaya!!! tahniah untuk semua

alya : tu la org ajak tamau ikot!!! hehehehe

cik ienn said...

tu semua berkat kegarangan miss supervisor! sangat cantek. sapa2 nak kami decorate plz leave ur no. ahaks.

cik ienn said...

oooppsss..lupa pulak. i love u all my gals. selamanya terbaik!