Monday, May 4, 2009

70% completed

what's up with the status? .. I will update about it soon. Veryy taw!

Life is....... wonderful.

The more time I spent with my family, I feel more closer to Allah.


I always think I am all alone independent woman, but I am actually NOT.
My family is always right beside me, Abah especially. He knows every single thing inside my mind, he can even read my thoughts.

and Abah can tell if I am feeling not right.

That's the power of love (I guess), between a father and his one and only long distance child.

I am on leave today, I got an appointment with the doc this afternoon so after sessi bersalam-salaman and peluk cium, Abah and the gang headed to KL . Bye-bye. See you guys again next month.

I drive alone to the bank then, and KL for x-ray and finally arrived home at 4pm.


and meeting with mr client tonite! I cant wait to eat tosei planta and milo ais tabur.


cik ienn said...

best no nak lepak mamak la tu...

mRs aGed said...

i'm da customer..huk huk huk...tosai planta+ milo taboq!fuh mmg ump!

rara said...

cik ienn : mestilahhhhh. cant wait for this saturday

mRs aGed : yes u are!!!! layannnn. aku dah makan pon dok makan hok org punya lg. brppppp

abby! said...

whats the story lah !?!???! c'mon ! tell me !