Wednesday, April 8, 2009

tribe's 1st activity

Did I told u that I formed a group called TRIBE? Basically this group consists of few Malay colleagues (non malays also can join dgn syarat die BEST) and we already planned some activities to do together in the future. So, BBQ is the first one we had, and I'm hoping there's always another one after this, and I hope to see more people to participate next time.

I am the Miss President( woppss!) so, I always wanna make it real! :p tak suka sembang2 tp apa pon tadak, thank God I have many assistants who always get excited when it comes to planning and organizing or even brainstorming what are the next activities. I likeee!

The BBQ was held last Saturday at Ati's place which is located somewhere around Sri Kembangan, and only 11 of us turned up that night and but we still had fun! Eating and gossiping and kutuk2 Dingkle! Hahaha padan muka kau, sapa suruh tak datang!

Getting ready with the charcoals. Tak sabaq nih.

Seating arrangement by Ati.

Yummylicious sausages; cheese, mushroom and black pepper.

Bihun goreng and telor yang dipotong-potong oleh Aliya.

Marinated chicken originally made by Rara, Aliya and Ati.

and the lamb too.

Thanks to fire starter. Wops. Pecah rahsia kehebatanku menyalakan api dgn jayanya.

Before. The first trip.

After. Looking gooooood ya?

We also had a delicious chocolate cake, and fruits and jajan, of course!

Perasmian kek oleh Aliya

Itu Ati, and Nirosh.

Niza yang selalu nak ikotttttttt.

Nirosh, Nazim and Ava.

Niza(kat dalam tuu), Ekin, Fikri, Rosey and Airil.

and the special guests of the day, Farah and Abby yang di jemput khas sebab makanan banyak sangattttt!


alya said...

1st aktiviti with tribe!
i likeeeeeeeee :)
lets do this again next time yay!
futsal kn?? hahahahahaha
cannot wait lh....

rara said...

alya : futsal. OMG. i cant wait. mesti gelak ja keja.

najie said...

beb lagu aizat tu bes nya,i go?thank u letak lagu bes2.jumpe boiprenku kem salam peluk cium(thru air saje).hahaha.poyo.

rara said...

najie : itu sudah pasti!harharhar