Monday, April 6, 2009


I read Mai's blog just now and she quote the song O RE PIYA from the movie Talentime . I suddenly think about the movie I watched last week but haven't got the chance to write a bout it.

I personally think Yasmin's did it again. A simple yet elegant, a hear warming and a realistic movie u should watch. (I mean it)

The best thing the film had going for it are the songs, many of them composed by Pete Teo and sing by Atilia and Aizat. Those songs are really nice. They should be selling a soundtrack CD, if they haven't done so. I already add them to the playlist, so enjoy ;) (Mai, i know u are smiling)

So friends, if u got times, please do watch TALENTIME. The words – sung or spoken, the music, the acting , they appear plain but take caution.

I cant wait for Najie to watch this, this is a good movie, I tell you.

"if the moon can linger at the noon so bright, why can't the sun do the same at night"

Go and see. Feel it.


cik ienn said...

tensi takda gang!

najie said...

can't wait to watch this movie.reflection of the story of my life.hahaha.rindu la kt ienn sbb gang tengok wayang kt queensbay.kan ienn???

cik ienn said...

tu la pasal. cepat balik jie. tunggu gang!

rara said...

cik ienn & najie : I miss u both :(

alya said...

alaaaa nk tgk gk tp xd gang huhu

rara said...

alya : ajak yana!