Sunday, April 12, 2009


I went to One Utama this evening to watch Fast and Furios 4 for the second time, but this time with my dearest friend Gary. Dia suruh I teman and since I know the movie's good, so why not? :)X

The rain was still pouring down like cats and dogs when we get in the car after the movie. We then headed for dinner since Gary already promised to bring me to one of his favourite restaurant.

So, to Piccadilly we went.

Piccadilly Restaurant is located at Millennium Square, Section 14, PJ. Piccadilly offers a wide variety of foods from local nasik goreng to North Indian, Western, Japenese, or should I say "U name it u got it" ? It's crazy, they have it all!

I had a tough time justtt to think what shoud I eat, because there's close to 100 types of food in their menu list! Can u imagine that? My eyes were going up an down when I looked at the menu and still dont know what to eat but I guess that's the unique thing about Piccadilly. Kalau Abby memang sampai esok pon tak dapat pikiaq nak makan apa. Mapoh!

Gary ordered Fettuccine carbonara with seafood. Sedap! The cream was not that thick but still decent.

At the end I decided to eat this. Grill Fish Fillet, it was not as nice as what I've expected. I dont really like the lemon sauce, too sweet.

Disebabkan makanan I tak sedap, Gary order Chicken and Cheese sandwich (toasted). Yang ni sedap!!

and a banana split with cocktail for dessert.

and mesti la nak kena ada gambar I, perlu okeh!

A place u must go, the food is reasonably priced.


cik ienn said...

like always...haruslah letak gambar sendiri.

najie said...

toek mana gamaq gary??asik dengaq cite ja.tuannya cemana ghupa pon tatau.hihi.

alya said...

mknan meriah meja
n not to forget banana mest ada hehe

rara said...

cik ienn : like always and forever! =)

najie : gary? tgk kat facebook! ahaha

alya : i love banana yum yum. eh nanti kita p makan sana k

eiz said...

wow..port baru..jom jom~

cheguBard said...

salam ziarah

alya said...

kt mn??
okay nnt kita try pula