Sunday, April 19, 2009

movie marathon

It started with Paul Blart: Mall Cop last night after work.

There were 3 of us; Aliya,Ati and myself. The movie was fun! However, this is not the best comedy either,it's decent at best. The actor, Kevin James is no big name, but he delivers it well, and most importantly, he reminds us of our colleague Nava.

Hihiks. Well anyway, it is a good clean movie where you could take the whole family to watch. I promise you'll laugh, cos we did! =)

and NEXT!

Today was a greattttt day for me bcos I finally watched
He's just not that into you! The much awaited movie!

and you know what? I loved it! (I am so excited, really)

It's excellent movie, but the book is just the best!

The book was published in 2004 , but the movie just came out this year and if I'm not mistaken I read the book like 3 years back?

I still remember, my darling Maisarah recommend me to read this book during my tough time after break up with my previous ex. It helped me a lot at that time. Thank you!

Basically,this book is not afraid to tell you how it is or possibly hurt your feelings. In the end, you can come away choosing to oppose everything or you can open your eyes and choose not to be that woman waiting years for him to propose, months for him to call you and etc.

In the end, it’s time for you to ask yourself if He’s Just Not That Into You? Very interesting. A book that every women should have!

So to the One Utama we went. There were 3 of us, the HBH girls ; Abby, Aliya and Rara. I bought the ticket online, thanks to the technology. Takyah beratur panjang2.

After watching the movie, I feel like we all deserve a great life, great partners and great relationships, of course! So let's go out now and find our one true love. Hehehehe. A very realistic story, I love this movie so ardently and I can even watch it over and over again. (anyone?) *grins*

pls pls pls go and watch.

and the next movie was Coming Soon.

This movie was not as good as I expected. I was actually expected something more than this since it's from the same producer of Shutter, Alone & 4BIA which I personally think those movies were among the best horror movies I have ever watched.

There was a scene of Shane go into the movie theatre and there were other people inside watching the movie including Som. Those English words was actually the scripts from the movie 4BIA. (Some kind of promoting I guess,No?) :P

Your highness! memememe takottt. (4bia is one of my favorite horror movie)

Enjoy reading and watching!

p/s: I've added 3 songs from the He's just not that into you soundtrack, happy listening :)


alya said...

i luf that movie too! also so VERY thank you to rara coz invite me to join wtch the movie last weekend..make me feel much more better i guess..haha!
they dont want us so they all yg rugi kn?

abby said...


rara said...

alya : u are absolutely right!

abby : ah shut up!! HBH GARLS!!