Sunday, April 12, 2009

meet the jameel

This entry is specially dedicated to my beloved BFF, Najie.

Najie who is currently in Kursk texted me a couple of weeks ago and asked my favor to buy a birthday gift for her bf, Jameel.

After a week of planning when and where to meet, this busy man is finally manage to make himself free yesterday and Midvalley has be chosen as the place to meet.

We went straight to the fragrance section in Metrojaya to find the perfume that she wanted, and rush to the wrapping counter after that.

So this is Jameel, on the phone with Najie.

Jameel with the gift.

Jameel with Rara.

Terharu tau sebab dapat berbakti kat kawan baik, I felt like crying at that time, sebak, and happy and all mixed up and I know Najie also felt the same way too.

To najie, my prayers are always with you and I wish all best to both of you.

I love you.


najie said...

Saya cinta kamu berdua.abang baju merah tu hensem sungguh.hahaha.kirah,thank you for everyhting.insyaAllah soon,u'll always be apart of us.owh,i love u too!
Jameel is my heart,you are my wings.(jiwang sat).

mRs aGed said...

najie we alwaz behind u!!semarakkan cintamu!(aku pong jiwang sat!)

alya said...

apsl dia nmpk lain ek?
owh xd songkok hehe

rara said...

najie : the pleasure is mine

mRs aGed : bukan behind ja, tepi kiri and kanan, depan and blakang!! hahaha

alya : betol betol betoll

najie said...

haha.uder aku nk jadi kekasih mithali cm hang.alya mesti tak leh lupa songkok dia pakai senget--hahaha.