Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

I'm on holiday since Good Friday today is a public holiday in much of the UK and some other countries too, including Singapore. Abby is now on her way back to the North, I'm sure she's enjoying the trip very much and I envy her because she got 4 days straight leave since UK continues the leave till next Monday for Easter . Damn you, lucky girl. Btw, enjoy your holiday and have a safe journey, sweetheart.

As I decided to wake up late tomorrow, I spent the night browsing thru my lappy, deleting some unnecessary files/docs and suddenly I found something caught my eyes.

There are the photos of myself with some of my colleagues some times ago. I couldn't recall when exactly the photos were taken, but I am pretty sure the photos were taken during a visit from the business partners from Singapore (or UK?) which required us to wear traditional attires. At that time I was proudly present myself with a traditional fusion attire, which is a purple kebaya with a pair of black pants. Like I care? :P

Ava, Lawrence, Rara and Mark Aaron (he's a weirdo)

My dearest James (already went away), Rara and Mark Aaron in the middle. I told you he's a weirdo. Hihiks.

Aliya and Miss Manager, Jasminder Kaur.

The blurry us.

The members from Singapore PLOC PIL and some of them are from Brunei PLOC PIL. And yes, we serve the countries.

.... and I just realised that it's been 2 years I'm working with HSBC.

Well heyyy, 2 beautiful years. *Wink*



Anonymous said...

so the very schweeet memories huh...


rara said...

sweet like chocolates :)X

alya said...

i likeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)