Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BFF vs teman tapi mesra

Is it the same thing of two different things?
BFF for me is the real true friends that I made ever since I know what the real friendship is.

and teman tapi mesra is like ermm, scandals. No?

I don't know, really. So, u tell me.

A friend of mine said that BFF and teman tapi mesra are the two same thing by 'our' definition. Having said that , I guess it is all depends on the situations or maybe? on the person who define the meanings. Yeah, wat ever.

As for me, my BFF are all females. I have a few male friends that I first thought I liked to make them as my BFF (yeah), but I ended up not liking them like THAT because they were more valuable to be just friends, or hang out friends or hi-hi-bye-bye friends or maybe boyfriend? (at that time)

Or should I differentiate BFF and just friends/hang out friends/hi-hi-bye-bye friends/boyfriend? Lu pikirlah sendiri! :P

All in all, my definition of BFF are.......

the one who always be there during my ups and down.
the one who always make me smile when I cry
the one who always make me laugh at her stupid jokes
the one who can always talks about anything and everything
the one who always be my pillow when I need hug
the one who always be my shadow when I am alone
the one who always c
omes in when the whole world has gone out
the one who can always read my mind and my thoughts
the one who knows what my current favourite song is
the one
who bring out the best in me
the one who always say that I am pretty even tho I am not
the one who I can share my secret with
the one who can tell
me things I don't want to tell myself
the one who
holds my hand and says the wrong thing is made
the one who cares
the one who understands my very own language and signs
the one who loves the people that I love
the one who hates the people that I hate
the one who always remember my important dates
the one who always support in everything I do

and last but not least

the one who loves me, unconditionally.

and for you to know,

I love you too, ladies.(you know who you are)


alya said...

i like ur definition of BFF!

fiecca said...

Love u too bff.. muahh..rinduuuu semuaaa..

abby said...

excellent..the one who understands my very own language...yea..its u girls !!!!!! love ya my bffs to bits !!!!!!

najie said...

i understand YOUR language and signs!hahaha.very 'YOU'.love,hugs n kisses.

rara said...

to all : i love u guys to bits. mwahs

cik ienn said...

owh..aku cinta kamu jua !!!