Monday, March 9, 2009

Redang - Day 2

There's nothing much we did on Day 2 in Redang. We spent the whole day in the blue sea, snorkelling at Pulau Lima and Marine Park. We planned to watch the sunset but unfortunately the sunset has faded away the moment we get ourselves ready after having a tiring skin burning day. Hehe.

We then walked along the beach to look for the souveniours shops before the dinner and straight away off to bed after that. And the snoring competition begins! hahaha. Donny with his Jurassic Park 2 and myself and Aliya in our very own style. I rasa leh buat koir! hehehe

The beautiful beach that I miss.

Hey it's Rara lah!

The beautiful view in the beautiful dawn facing the beautiful blue sea.
Everything seems to be beautiful in Redang.

It is so relaxing to sleep under the coconut tree while enjoying the view and the wind. Am I right?


alya said...

nothing can beat master of snoring which is en. Don haha!!
i miss the beach, the smell, the scene huwaaaaa

abby love beaches said...

someday rara..someday.......... ;)

eiZ rindu snorkeling said...

jelesnya!..jom buat nx trip plak