Monday, March 9, 2009

Redang - Day 1

I just received the Redang photos from Aliya this afternoon and I was so excited browsing the photos because each of it reminds me of Redang! A greattt experience I would say, and looking forward to have something like this again in the future and I really hope to see more people next time! At least we can share the happiness together and lagi best kalau ramai!

Guess what? I just realised that I smiled in most of the photos that we took, that's mean I enjoyed every single moments in Redang.

Redang is really a beautifulllllll island and I personally think it is a great place to recharge our mind and soul.

Btw, I haven't received photos from Donny's cam, which most of them were taken during the snorkelling time. Im gonna make a seperate entry about snorkelling in Redang. It's beautiful.

I'll update the story with the pictures, easy for me and most importantly easier for you to understand the whole story =)

3 of us, Aliya, Donny and Rara;just nice for a triple sharing. We had breakfast at McDonald's LCCT, just before check in.

Our lovely lady driver for that day. Thanks a lot darling Abby.

Minum pagi @ Merang jetty. Waiting for the boat to arrive, and we had roti canai Melayu.

Our happy faces. It's a gay feeling, been away from works for 3 days. It's a WOW.
The boat ride. It tooks one and a half hour to arrive Redang Island from Merang Jetty.

Donny and Rara yang tak mabuk laut =)

Aliya mabuk skit, but she's doing OK. I said, focus that you'll be ok and everything will be ok. And it worked. Heyy, like attract like.

Smile for the cam.

We almost there. Dup dap dup dap bunyi jantung.

Kami kena jalan around 20mins before sampai ke resort kami.

Too excited, we can't take the smile off from our faces!


I feel like jumping into the water at that time.

The very the feeling. Get it?

With T-Rex in the making.

Aliya mahu terbang!

I dgn aliya tidoq kat kerusi ni on the 2nd day. (feeling2 sunbathing)

The view from our resort. We stayed at Redang Holiday Beach Villa.

We were greeted by the beautiful white sands of Redangs long beach, clear blue water and the crazy beach boys. Tapi tak sempat nak amik gambar diorang!

The 1st meal.

Kat sini asyik makan je, tp best.

We then went snorkelling at Pasir Akar. Will update about the Island hopping later in another exclusive entry!

The 1st dinner in Redang, BBQ dinner. Nice.

Lapaq kot lepas snorkelling.

The night in Redang was fun. Saya belajar tentang bintang!

Donny and Rara

We spent the night talking to each other and sharing our thoughts and happiness.

Minum @ Pelangi

We tried our level best to do this L.O.V.E.
Nice tak?!

Awesome! Can u feel it?

If you looking for a place just to get away from the crowed busy town, Redang Island definitely will be one of your good choices. Please do visit Redang when you are free, this place will never never let you down.


cik ienn said...

sangat cantik gambar2 itewww. dan tak lupa orang yang ada dalam nya. hiks.

alya said...

omg!!! redang is soooo heaven!!
wpn kulit ku alah dgn matahari tp ttap enjoy!!! :)
1st day mabuk laut sbb lama xnaik bot haha

rara said...

cik ienn : we should go together someday.

alya : alya seorang reptilia