Sunday, March 29, 2009

earth hour at klcc

My plan to celebrate earth hour at home with the candles has been canceled at the very last minutes since I need to accompany my dearest friend Didie to KLCC for a meeting with a client. As for me, I have no prob with that because I already know that KLCC will support the earth hour so I am sooo excited to be there at that time.

We arrived KLCC almost 8 pm, and we were extremely hungry and thank God that Mr Client invite us to join him for dinner and we settle down with this Lebanese and Persian cuisine - Al Marjan Restaurant.

Smile to the cammmm =)

Didie with the lamb kebab yang oh-so-yummy!

The foods we had. Chicken Kebab Barg and Lamb Kebab Barg. The kebab was realy filling. Kenyanggggg nak mati.

Didie and Mr Seyyed,the client.


Look at the background . Some of the lights in Suria KLCC has been switched off but business as usual.
(ignore idong kembang aku, sronok sangat makan kot)

We quite like the food at this place. The Kebabs were absolutely good and we might just come back to try their buffet during our next visit to KLCC or Ramadhan Buffet perhaps? Hehe. I'm pretty sure they really serve good foods that definitely worth the price. I would love to try their desserts too! LOOKING GOOD baby!

If you are somewhere around KLCC and hunting for a Lebanese and Persian Cuisine, you should make a stop at this eatery.

And this is how I celebrated the earth hour by eating at a fine restaurant in KLCC. Hehe.

At least,we managed to catch the moment when KLCC switch the lights on at 9.30pm and it was a really fantastic experience. BEAUTIFUL.

p/s : Najie, you should bring Jameel to this place! Same floor with Kinokuniya just in front of Madam Kwan's.


wawan said...


rara said...

wawan : it is!

abby abadi said...

oh gosh i can see that wajah dd makin berseri2....totally blazing hot ..n u too alwiz n forever my love..

rara said...

abby abadi : dd berseri2 sebab dah nak kawen kottttt? akuuuuu?!?!?!?!??!?! what the tooooott

cik ienn said...

as always, hang mmg sentiasa berseri2. abby baby pon sama !

najie said...

didi berseri cam nak kawen esok ja!wei aku dh masok dlm organizer restaurant nih.hahah.siap ada list lagik!

rara said...

ienn : makasih ya cik ienn

najie : so cane? ok? kalau ok jum laa
hihiks. tp aku rasa ok

alya said...

lamb tu mmg nmpk sdap tp sbb bkn list food aku so tgk gmbr je lh hehe!
mest cntk kn klcc mlm tu..
i kt sunway diorg malap kn lampu je..