Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Best wishes to James

I went to Jusco after the training (I got training after work) to buy a Good Luck card for my dearest colleague James because he is leaving tomorrow! *sob sob*

James is one of the closest colleague I ever had. He's well known as the great dancer, the man with brilliant event plannings, the best PP partner, the one who always make himself busy doing this and that, or even berlakon busy, the one with dirty minded, the one who always make me laugh with his stupid jokes(I'm gonna miss your berlakon tapi tapi tapi sessions), the one who can talks about English movies (most indians at my department only watch tamil movies) or even Akademi Fantasia and whatnot.

He is just a perfect colleague, and a good friend to have fun, even he annoyed me sometimes =)

and to James dearie,
I wish you good luck, have a lot of fun in your new job! ( I'm sure you will) and I hope you remember my love and support goes with you.

No worries my dear, I promise I'll catch you in Genting. Tadadadada! I can't waittt.

and last but not least,
you'll be missed!



alya said...

we all gonna miss mr james a.k.a mr manager haha!!
dun worry rara kita akan catch up with him at genting soon!!
dh xdpt tgk org dancing dgn senyuman gatal lg huhu

rara said...

alya : yes. very soon. ;) stay tuned!