Monday, February 2, 2009

Platinum Wealth Advisor

I would love to share with you guys about the agency that I've been joining ever since I become a CIMB Wealth Advisor. I'm proud to tell that I am attached with the PLATINUM a.k.a Millionaire Sisters Team.

Our group which is part of one of the biggest banking group in Malaysia has won numerous awards and recognition and consistently has been ranked among the top 5 agencies.

Lead by two dynamic entreprenuers Miss Akmar and Miss Elynn has a combined experience of 14 years in the business.

So what are you waiting for?
Pls visit

There's a lottt of unit trust agencies out there, and also thousands of consultants surviving in this business but, PLATINUM is always be no one or at least the top ones .

Email me to know more.

I promise you won't regret.


mRs aGed said...

kierah kita will be soon!!aku da nmpak wajah keriangan dd dlm blog tuh!!!sedikit jeles!huhuhuh

rara said...

mRs Aged : jummmm!