Sunday, February 8, 2009

the weekend .

Everything went smooth as planned.
My parents and aunties were safely arrived home a week ago. Alhamdullilah.

At 5.45pm today, I got a phone call from my little bro saying that he already arrived Yogjakarta.I sent him at the airport this afternoon, and he brought me goodies from Mecca. Happy happy happy! I always love goodies.

Mrs Dadi bought me two selendang arab , so now I got 3 favourite selendang! (harap2 lepas ni dapat hidayah pakai tudung secare full time) Me so likey. And also kurma and charmbracelet from the holy city Mecca.

And so, my weekend was spend with some laundry, some shopping at the flea market The Curve and Ikano, fixing my car, dinner at Murni SS2, brunch at the airport with Didi and Aki and also catching up sleeps after having 2 consecutive sleepless night.

I wake up at 7pm after 3 hours sleeping. Ezza wake me up with the songs in my blog playlist, that's mean Ezza is back from PD and she's reading my blog.

After chit chatting and recaping the stuff we did on the weekend, Didi offer herself to goreng keropok, I said, help urself. Haha. Thanks Didi, that's so schweet of u.

So now I am all alone at home cos Didi went out to see her fiancee and Ezza's out for a midnite movie with her bf, Apeh. The other Syakirah texted me, she just bought me one pink sandal from Melacca the historical city.

Hey why everyone is away from town this weekend?

Do not forgot that I am a Singaporean (NO!), I'll be working tomorow as normal. I think that's the reason why everyone is away from town because tomorrow is a public holiday.


p/s : Happy Thaipusam to all the Hindus!

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alya said...

yeah jln sgt lengang hr ini n i likeeeeee :)
n kita kerja demmit!