Friday, February 20, 2009

16 random facts

tagged by Cik Ienn

1. Love shopping. Heyyy who doesn't?

2. I currently wear once (only) most of the tops that I recently bought. What a bad habbit! Kau ingat kau banyak duit ke? (NO). Oh don't worry. There's gonna be A LOT of mix and match after this. Ting!

3. I will not going to spend a lot of money to my car (Mr K), that's explain why I never send Mr K for wax/polish. I actually waiting for sponsorship from Mr Dadi. (hihi). But if I have a lotttt of money then I will not think twice to buy a luxury car for myself. (satisfaction man!)

4. I hate driving. Full stop.

5. I have a mole(kat idung) that everyone admires. (especially Fiecca)

6. Food is my passion. But anyhow, I don't like Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese or all the sepet-sepet punya negara punya makanan. Get it?

7. I don't want to plan or think how my wedding would be. Actually dah tak larat plan n cancel n plan n cancel tp dok tadak calon lg. Bole? Gilo lu. Har har har.

8. I am a very straight forward person. I normally do not elaborate the points I given, assuming that everyone is understand what's the actual thing inside my mind.

9. As a Sagittarian, I am a hot tempered type of person but it takes me only few minutes to cool down. Mintak maaf kepada sapa yang terasa. I just can not hold it.

10. My family and friends are my backbones.

11. I've been single for almost 3 years (plus plus actually). It's not that I don't mingle, it's just that I don't find anyone suits me well (yet!).

12. I am trying my level best to enjoy my life now. My darling Maisarah once said to me, "worrying too much about the future will ruin the present" made me realise that I should not worry to much about the future. (yes) I would love to share the BEST phrase ever I found on the net,

"Whenever you start worrying that something bad will happen in the future,"
"Tell yourself, 'This is not a story I have to tell myself."

You just don't have to continue imagining these tragic narratives.

You can just tell yourself to cut it out.
Amazingly--it worked!

13. I always think that my nieces and nephews are still babies! Saya garang tapi saya sangat soka baby! (yang comel and kalau baby boy lagi soka. Bole?)

14. I always think that I look matured maybe because of my size, my thinking and attitudes, but people normally won't say so after knowing me or studying my characters just in few minutes!

15. Rara is going back to Penang this March 14 for Ilah and Ed's wedding. InsyaAllah.

16. Rara is blank thinking the final random facts about herself, so can I say next? hehe


forheavencake said... sweet of you for quoting me back!sweet sgt.:)

rara said...

forheavencake : =) ehem

cik_ienn said...

selamat balik kampung!