Saturday, January 24, 2009

tagged by Cik Ienn

10 facts about Rara

1. I am extremely hungry now and I feel like eating a whole chicken.

2. I am soooo lazy to clean my house, my siblings are coming this evening! Still got few hours to go.

3. I was not a homely type of person before, but I dont know why nowadays I prefer to stay at home rather than being outside, except for the certain events (movie-ing, karaoke-ing, lepaking cum gossiping or shopping). But still I do not categorize myself as a homely type, cos I loveee outings so much. I would go out even for a cup of coffee or even to buy a bottle of mineral water. So, which category do I fall? Mana2 pon boleh lah!

4. I am not a branded lady, I buy anything everything that I like. Except for electrical appliances such as digicam, hp, tv, dvd player or lappy I would go for the branded ones, or at least a brand that well recognised by public. And I dont know why, mmm maybe takot meletop kot?

5. Pls take note that I also dont buy the fake things especially for the designer handbags. Tunggu sampai ada duit betoi2, I'll buy the original. It's about self satisfaction, man!

6. I dont really like watching tv.

7. But I like the reality tv show Survivor and Amazing Race. SO MUCH.

8. My first celebrity crush was Yusry Kru, and everyone knows that. The funny part is, yusrykru was my first password I created to log on to any websites . Ok. I know you are laughing.

9. I am not easy to be pleased. Especially by men. I guess I had enough of sweet talkers!

10. I like reading self help books. Even online articles would be great. I personally think reading will lead to positive mind which is good. And I also like to mingle with positive people! Their determination inspires me.

and thanks Cik Ienn for the cute award!

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najie said...

hoi.i dont really like watching tv too!!restless lah.sbb semua pon tak interesting.haha.