Sunday, January 11, 2009

my first 2009 tag

Perihal Purse Anda

Brand : Lic Claiborne (LC heritage mosaic medium wallet)
Price : Not so sure, but not more than rm100 (after less.)
I bought it at : Isetan, KLCC

isi dalam :
1. Money, of course.
2. Id
3. Driving license
4. Membership Cards
5. Bonus link, Real Rewards, Enrich, Kad mesra Petronas, Esso smile card and what else?
6. Credit Cards (note the s)
7. Business Cards
8. MMU student card (I still can get student rate sometimes!)

Annddd, thanks Cik Marlissa for the cute award! =)


MarlissaMusa said...

hiksss..awa bangun tido arini
*sedkit musykil di situ :P)

alya said...

aaa wallet putih mmg cute
tp kna jaga nnt senang nmpk kotor :)
bdw wallet ms rara mmg penuh dgn mcm2 kads haha!