Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

In case I forgot, a Happy Chinese New Year to you and may the year of the ox/bull bring fortune, good health and peace to us all.

I am so excited cos tomorrow I'm leaving to .... Cherating!

I've been to Cherating before but I never had the chance to stay over there. Being a part timer treasure hunter, I used to travel from KL-Cherating in one day! Pls note that it's a road trip, not the air trip. Sounds tiring right?

However, the longest I traveled was KL-K.Terengganu, and it was emmm seriously horrible. I don't know whether I'm willing to do it again or not? It's very tiring, but I guess everything is worth it. I can spend the time with my dear friend Gary. He is the owner of an event company that provides treasure hunt for the corporate companies, and he always request me to help him. He is a nice man, or at least he is nice to me, and I like nice people but we are just frens.Ok?


And what I love most about doing the treasure hunt is I can travel for FREE.

hey why am i telling this stories? Maybe I am just too excited for Cherating tomorrow.

I'm screaming for Cheratingggggg .

That's why I am here in KL and tak balik kampung for Ienas wedding.
Anyway, Slamat Pengantin Baru to Ienas and husband. Semoga berbahagia ke akhir hayat.

Guys, pray for my safety cos I'm driving tomorrow!

Nitey nite!


cik_ienn said...

update la pasal p cherating!!

alya said...

how cherating??
dpt beach boy x? haha!!
nk pikcasss