Saturday, January 17, 2009

a blast

I had my very first karaoke session for 2009 last Thursday (yes, it was weekdays). The event was held at Red Box, The Curve. Too bad we are working on the next day that made us finish the session at 2am. If not, I'm sure we gonna stay until hurmmm forever. Boleh? I wish.

Oh well, it was fun anyway.

We had 2 Malaysian Hitches (Man and Lan) joined us that night. That was our first time karaoke together, not bad, they sing pretty well. Be it, nasyid, ballada?oldies? indo rawks, or even hip hop, (rapping ice ice baby), they rock it!.

We chose the songs till the list show FULL. I think we were crazy that nite. Or maybe the Malaysian Hitches also having the same work stress just like us? Could be.

and Thanks for the treat too!
Next time nakkk lagi. hihiks

U guys made my day! After a tiring day (or weeks already?) working in a hectic workplace with loaddddds of works. I am now feel released. I really am. Well at least a lil bit released from the work stress.

Oyster tu saya makan satu je! (menyesal)

Karaoke ke melantak?

the ladies for the nite.

I feel blessed starting the year 2009 with sweet moments. I hope there are more happiness to come.

Thank u friends.


alya said...

finally im 1st haha :)
bdw mmg best glerrr ah mlm tu
as usual opening dia melantak dlu br karoks pastu haha
glerr best ah dr mknan smpai lh ke part nyanyi kn rara?
hlg half dr pressure mnggu tu n yesss for sure kalau lh off esok tu sure konfom kita blk lps kna hambat haha!
thks to rara coz invite me also that nite
nxt time jom lg!

rara said...

alya : there's always next time!

abby baby said...

how i wish i was there too,rara! damn it..sumtimes i hate my 3-12pm workin' shift!!!!!!!

rara said...

abby baby : I wish u're there too darling. *sob sob* leh nyanyi lagu zaiton sameonnnn secara duet!

eiZ said...

duet lagu Cinta mcm hARjAD..ahaha
mkanan mmg agak melampau!
tp Cinderella kena blk b4 12am la..haish

abby baby said...

eiz cinderella?? ahaks so u left ur two stepsisters dlm redbox laaa..(with their kings! hehe)wah2... kehmainnn.. saipa kena zaiton sameon!? hahahaha duet lagu siti sarah ke hujung dunia...mesti smpai ke hujung tanduk kita tarik kan? kakakakaka

rara said...

eiZ : kalau tak pasai cinderella mesti ang stay gak kannn?!! bila hari makin malam lagi besssstt sebab semua dok sawan nak menyanyi!

abby baby : lagu tu kan theme song kita.. dulu aku sendiri, kini masih sendirii, hadapi hidup iniiiiiiiiiiiii

ke hujung dunia? bulih aihh! biaq!

abby baby said...

kir...theres another theme song kita which is.."thats y u go away" by mltr..bfore this ang ja soka lagu tu but now..lagu tu btui2 jadi theme song hidup aku..........

"ur the one who set it ur the one who make it stop!"

Malaysian Hitches said...

He he... thanks for your time....