Saturday, January 3, 2009


Instead of squeezing with the smelly crowds on the new year eve, I chose to celebrate 2009 with a great dinner with my girl friends from high school, Dd(sggs) n Ezza (tipenang). Haha. What a reunion kan?

We had ikan siakap bakar berempah (sedap giler!), tomyam campur, kailan ikan masin, telur dadar, ayam masak pedas and french fries. Gilo ka pa? and HABIS licin.

A great welcome for 2009!


I dunno why nowadays I don't really like to go to crowded places. Am i too old for that places?
But I am just 24 . Or maybe I had enough of crazy night out last time??
Ermmmm tahhh laa.

On the 1st January, Abby fetched me and Didi and we headed straight to Pavillion and meet Farah. It's nearly 6 pm and we havent had any meals so can u imagine how fast we walked to the food court? Hehe. Funny.

Andddd yess. I was hunting for this!

Phad Thai and the dessert. One word, yummylicious. Tp yang kat Hyatt Regency PD lagi terbaekkk.

Did I tell u that I love Thai food? mmg World lah!

Dd and I then bought half dozen of Jco Donuts
(makan lagi?)before we went straight to Starbucks to kill the time as the movie starts at 9:30pm. And yess we watched AUSTRALIA, the australia epic movie. I've been waiting to watch this and to be precise I wanna watch this movie with Abby , so we did! Thanks Abby for the tix! So schweet of u.

I am not going to be able to break the tie, as after watching it, I can't really tell you whether u will like it or not, but for us, we LOVED it. Australia is worth 2 hours and 45minutes of Aussie scenery, history, romance and war. Credits to the gorgeous Nicole Kidman, and Hugh Jackman who looks great on a horse. =) Wild wild wessst!

Weiiii, sapa boring tengok Hugh Jackman for 2hrs n 45 minutes?

Fiecca came last night and I end up sleeping at 4am after a long chit chatting and gossiping!

You know you love me.

Soooo the gossip girls.


btw, King George in the movie sitting with one leg like Fiecca always did. That's make Abby and I LOL =))


A said...

oh my drover...
Australia is super duper fantastic movie!! totally worth it..

how i wish i could be the horse.. errrrrrrr... over bukan??

xoxo gossip girl...

rara said...

A : lets horse back riding! (naik keta pon bole)

alya said...

bdw i do agree ausie slang sound sexy especially bila hugh jackman yg jd hero n nicole kidman need i say more hrmmm...