Tuesday, December 2, 2008

today is a great day!

Last saturday was awesome. The day started with a great training at the Platinum office. After having fun at the training class, we(Didi and me) went to Alamanda because I want to check out something.

I text Abby, and asked her to join us. She said Okay. So she arrived 15minutes later and to the food court we went. Abby had her first meal of the day, while Didi and me had our 3rd or 4th. Mmmmkayyyyy. Pang skali!
Jalan2 and borak and we end up trying tudungs at one of the shop in Alamanda. I loike. I feel like buying one, but I think Jalan Tar got the cheaper price.Abby bought one beatiful white tudung. I like it not only because it is white, but the design is nice. Senang pakai.

Abby invited us to join her as she's going to KL to meet Farah. I said, OK let's go. It's been quite some times I tak lepak KL, so why not. But I wanna go to the washroom first. I wanna touch up my oily face.

I get shocked. My eyes turning to red.I mean really red. Maybe because of the lense I've been wearing since the morning. So I had to cancelled my plan to KL with Abby, sorryy darling, but Im sure u enjoy ur night out with Farah and Faiz. Nasib baik tak pi, cos Abby arrived home around 6 am the next day!

So, Didi and I decided to lepak at Uder's place. It's good to see her again. Borak2, gossips dan buat pom pom for didi! And perabis makanan umah uder, hehe. Thanks uder, i love u.

Sunday, Ezza wake me with the sms. She wanted to cook that day. I said yay! Makan2 n makan lagi ( tambah nasik wei) . and tgk tv.

I chatted with Abby, and she asked me out. So to the PD we went. Oh ya Pd, after Nilai. Abby need to bring her sister to the clinic. PD again.

I dont really like PD but i love this place. Regency Tanjung Tuan Beach Resort is the place, and I really recommend u guys to go.
Enjoy the pics.

Ignore the yellow color. I used hp cam anyway. Hehe

Abby and Didi

Abby and Didi enjoying the foods. Belakang tu beach, best kan?




alya said...

wah best nyer pd
nk itot juga!!! :)

cik_ienn said...

a'ah. cam best ja weih.

mRs aGed said...

kita bley ka masukkan activity ke OD tu msa cik ienn mai..?

rara said...

alya : jum!

cik_ienn & mRs aGed : bisa aja dong!!!!! i cant wait!