Tuesday, December 2, 2008

tagged by uder

same tagged like before, but i'd love to do it again!

10 perkara tentang Uder (org yg tagged saya)
  1. She is short. erk larikkkkkkkk
  2. She is lucky because she got a great family and married to a great husband.
  3. She is the eldest sister.
  4. Currently she luvs cooking. (her spaghetti is the best!)
  5. She owns a myvi just like me and Cik Ienn! Myvi buddies!
  6. I like her house! It's nice and big!
  7. She laughs a lot,sebab tu kami geng!
  8. She likes nasik lemak teloq goyang! nanti kita pi masa Cik Ienn mai
  9. She is joining me and Didi in the unit trust business, soon! yay.
  10. She is going to JAPAN next year, with me and Didi!! Weii next year trip is JAPANNNNNNNNNNNN. Im screaming for JAPANNNNNN!

10 perkara tentang saya. (again. biaq pi)

  1. Not that complicated.
  2. Friendly only to the people I know.
  3. Garang.
  4. Love good foods.
  5. Kaki shopping. Tawaf satu shopping mall tak pernah penat.
  6. She is going to celebrate her birthday very soon. promote nampakkk. hehehe
  7. Nak kurussssssssssss, tapi makan cam hantu raya. Pang skali!!
  8. Currently I love white!!
  9. Is going to JAPANNNNNNNNNN for the next CIMB trip!
  10. Nak kumpol duit banyak2. It's good to be rich. Oh yeahh.


cik_ienn said...

psssttt.sila suruh didie pengaruhi aku. semua pakat join, aku tanak tersisih. huk.

mRs aGed said...

Cik rara kita kena usaha lebey nih! Cayok2!!!JAPAN here we come..

Cik ienn jum r p skali!

rara said...

cik_ienn : jum la iennnnn

mRs aGed : yeahhh! p sama2 lagi best!!